Friday, April 26, 2013

Priscilla's Bowl-Finishing

Hi Everyone,

I'm back. I've cleaned out the shop, wiped out the bowl one last time and put it on the lathe for finishing:

Priscilla asked me to put a durable finish on the bowl so I'm going to be using General Finishes Salad Bowl Varnish for this. It's durable and when it's cured, it's food safe:

I like to use a tightly folded paper towel for applying varnish. There's no lint to worry about and no oily or varnish soaked rags around the shop.

I've applied the varnish to the surface with the lathe spinning at about 400 rpm and I put on enough varnish to make the surface shine. Then I turn up the lathe to about 600 rpm and really force the varnish into the wood for a few minutes. The finish will look dull at this point. I then give it one last coat until it shines again and then I"ll leave it until tomorrow.

Here is the bowl at present:

Tomorrow I'll give it one last coat and let it dry until Sunday afternoon. Then I'll take a green nylon pad  turn the lathe on to 700 rpm and polish the surface. This will smooth any surface imperfections and leave the surface satin smooth. Then I'll polish it with wax and it's done.

More photos on Sunday when it's finished.

Our next project is some candle stick holders for a friend of mine and I'll begin cogitating about that early next week.

Have a lovely weekend and I'll see you Sunday.


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