Thursday, June 7, 2012

Rolling pins

Hi Everyone,
Well, it is hotter than blazes today and of course I had the bright idea to go out and work in the shop this afternoon instead of this morning. Whew!

I ordered a bunch of baseball bat billets earlier this year (or late last year...) and I've been meaning to turn them into rolling pins and kitchen mallets. And I decided to begin working on this today. Here are two photos:

The photo above shows a maple billet on the lathe. The billets are 3 inches in diameter and I turn them to 1 1/2 inches. Baseball bat billets make the best rolling pins around. The lumber is very strong and stable and there are no knots or problem areas in the wood to deal with.

This photo shows the finished rolling pins- from left to right they are white ash, red birch, and maple.

I got a couple of turning blocks today from the UPS guy-one is cherry and the other is rainbow poplar. I'm going to turn the cherry one in a couple of days and get them both done by the end of next week so they can be done by Christmas.

I also decided to treat myself to a Cole chuck and I'll talk about that tomorrow.

I'm going to find something very cold to drink. See you tomorrow.


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