Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Cheese boards and movie star son's boots

Hi Everyone,

Well, my son the movie star got some new boots to go with his historical soldier garb:

Wow, I don't see those wearing out anytime soon.

Anyway, I decided to use up some of my wider boards and make some cheese boards today so I have one in hickory and the rest in red birch:

I'm going to sand those tomorrow and oil them.

I'm going to go and purchase some wide, thick hardwood lumber on Friday and I'll post about that. Beyond that the only thing I have on the horizon are some rolling pins. After that we'll have to wait and re-turn some of the bowls from late last month. Oh, I forgot, I have two blocks of cherry coming and I'm going to work on those next week. So we do have more to do.

See you tomorrow.

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