Saturday, June 9, 2012

Cole Jaw kit has arrived

Hi Everyone,

Well, the new Cole jaw kit from Teknatool has arrived. I've been wanted a Cole jaw set for a while now and I decided to spend the dollars to get one-my birthday is coming up!

Cole jaws are an attachment that can be screwed on to the 4 jaw scroll chuck and they are used to attach a bowl back onto a lathe so the bottom of the bowl can be finished as a last step.

It got here on Thursday and I am really jazzed about this.

Here are some photos:

This photo shows the parts right out of the box. The Cole jaws are those wedge-shaped pieces of metal with the holes. The white things are rubber bumpers with a screw inserted into each one, there is the 4 jaw scroll chuck and a screw driver and a small bowl that is nearing completion and needs to have it's foot worked on:

This photo shows the wedges screwed in place over the scroll chuck:

Since the 4 jaw chuck is a scroll chuck, these metal wedges now can be open and closed. This will enable me to cinch down on a bowl to hold it tightly in place while it's being turned:

Here is a final photo with the bowl on top of the wedges and cinched down:

Now the entire assembly can be screwed on to the lathe for turning. When the foot and bottom are turned and sanded, I'll be able to finish the bottom of the bowl. It will look a lot more finished than it does now.

If it wasnt' so hot outside and if I wasn't so lazy at the moment, I would go downstairs and work on this bowl. But it's really pleasant sitting here talking to you so I probably won't do anything today except watch a movie and stretch out.

I ran a lot of errands today and I'll be back tomorrow to show you the wood I purchased and talk more about summer plans in the wood shop.

Thanks for hanging around the wood shop with me. As always, there's another adventure awaiting us!


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