Saturday, April 11, 2015

Completion photo-wooden lids and the walnut tray which is headed for the wood pile

Hi Everyone,
I owe some completion photos so here are the wood lids I made for a set of antique canning jars:

And as for the walnut tray, well, I screwed up the board and ruined it. I'll spare you the photograph of that one. Everyone ruins a project from time to time and it's nothing to feel horrible about. You just learn from your mistake and move one. I will say that it's never a good idea to work when you're having an off day for whatever reason. You will wind up making mistakes and working with wood working equipment can lead to an accident. So there, enough said. So wait it out and get back in the saddle and continue to work. That's the best remedy for things like this.

I'm going to try and begin the cutting board that I need next week so stay tuned.


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