Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Cat Proofing the House

Hi Everyone,

Every morning when I go staggering out to the kitchen to make some coffee, I usually see this:

My salt and pepper shaker are on the floor, having been placed there by one of my cats. I have two wonderful cats, Biscuit and Rhubarb, who love to play in the house and get into all sorts of things. One of them, Biscuit, seems to have some sort of innate need to knock things like coffee cups, glasses of milk, and salt and pepper shakers off of tables. Here is a photo of the little culprit:

So this morning, after having picked up the shakers for the millionith time, I decided to take action. I'm not going to be outdone by the cats.

So I went down to the wood shop and got a spare 2x4 and cut off the end. I then drilled two holes in it and brought it back upstairs with the intent of placing the shakers in the holes so Biscuit couldn't knock them off the table again:

Ever go down to your shop with the intention of only doing one simple thing only to discover that after an extensive search, you don't have the tool you need? Well, I don't have a drill bit, Forstner bit or spade bit, big enough to drill a hole that will accommodate the salt and pepper shakers:

So that one went into the junk pile.

So I went back down to the shop, got another piece of 2x4 and drilled a 2" wide hole in the wood. Now the holes are too big:

So I went back down to the shop and started rummaging around looking for a drill bit that of course a I don't have. Then suddenly I remembered that I have two smaller salt and pepper shakers so I went back up stairs found the smaller shakers and voila! They fit into the holes. Problem solved!

And here they are on my kitchen table. Take that Biscuit!!

Heh, heh, heh,
More later,


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  2. I can't believe you did all that before 8:38 AM! Tomorrow morning we will see who has the superior miind. Will the 2x4 holder and shakers be on the table or on the floor?

  3. Sharon and Allison, well, we'll see just how well the cat proofing works in the morning. VW