Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Leon's Silk Oak Tea Box-Discussion and Plans

Hi Everyone,

Well, it's a lovely day in my neighborhood. Trees and flowers and birds are all blooming and chirping away. Here are a couple of photos:

It's so green here that it's beginning to look like Ireland.

Time to go and take a look at the silk oak block I wrapped up some weeks back. If you will remember I had a silk oak block that I shaped into a cylinder in preparation for making it into a tea box. Here is the story behind this:

I have a lovely cousin whom I've mentioned before and who has been quite ill this year. Fortunately she has a super supportive family in her husband, three marvelous daughters, and a large extended family of cousins and others. Her husband Leon is a great guy and he's loved and admired by all of his family members and he's done a great job of being a caregiver. So I think after all the work he's done and worry he's been through he deserves a special Selkie Wood Works tea box as a way of saying thank you to him.


Here is a photo of the block. It has no cracks and it's perfectly straight:

I am going to turn this into a Japanese-style tea box with an inner and outer lid for loose tea with the goal of producing a Japanese-style tea box along the lines of the one made in this YouTube video by a Japanese turner whose name escapes me at the moment: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HhJPfIaHa_0. I absolutely love to watch this video and have always wanted to make one of these tea boxes. I'm going to do it a little different from what the gentleman in the video does.

As the wood is still probably damp inside I'm going to be doing this in careful stages so the wood blanks don't crack or distort as they dry out. So this is going to take a while to produce. My first step will be do cut it into sections and then hollow them out some. Then I'll re-wrap the sections and let them dry for several weeks more before proceeding further.

So here we go again.  So get some coffee or tea and drop by the wood shop. As always we have more adventures ahead.


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