Thursday, May 9, 2013

Amazing Wood Working Sites

Good Evening Everyone,

I love to look at the websites and blogs of other woodworks to see what they're making and how they conceive of and solve wood working problems. One of the more remarkable websites out there is the site by Matthias Wandel, a Canadian mechanical engineer who designs and makes some amazing devices out of wood.

And I do mean amazing. He has a number of furniture plans and jigs on his site but he also makes working machines out of wood as well. The detail and design that goes into these devices is incredible. He has made a siren, a number of different types of wood working machinery, and he's made gears out of wood that actually work. And he hasn't stopped there-his current project is a ukelele!

I'm going to make his deck chair this summer for my husband and when I do I'll do a posting on it.

You can see Matthias' website at:

I wish I lived next door to this guy.


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