Sunday, May 5, 2013

Bread Cooling rack and Mother's Day Wood Turning Marathon

Hi Everyone,

Well the weather has finally cleared and it's actually really pleasant outside this afternoon. And that means a couple of hours in the wood shop is the way to go.

I have needed some stuff in my own kitchen-a cutting board to replace my old scrap maple board that I've been using forever, a big salad bowl to use when friends come over, and a cooling rack for baking. I'll work on the cutting board a little later on but the cooling rack I did this afternoon and here it is:

As for the salad bowl, well, this segues into a brief word about the upcoming Mother's Day Wood Turning Marathon.  I have two blocks of wood: a block out of laminated pine and another 10"x4" block of solid wood that I have no idea what it is. So I'm going to turn one of them into a salad bowl for myself.

I'm still not sure which I'll use but I'll make up my mind by midweek and post discussion and plans. In the mean time I'll clean up my shop, sharpen everything and get ready to go!

See you Wednesday,



  1. That cooling rack is a nice little project! :) I should make one for myself too! I only have one from Ikea, but it's too small.. :/

  2. Hi Saaara,
    I made this out of scrap lumber I had in the shop. These would probably make a great Christmas present.