Saturday, July 23, 2011

Calico bowl

Well, I've been up and working since about 6 this morning on the commissioned bowl for my friend's mom. I wound up making her a "calico"-type bowl of hickory, mahogany, black ash,  and red birch.  It has a hickory bottom for stability and a hickory layer for the rim to make it strong. I've also made it in a tumbler style so her paint brushes will stand up right and not fall out.

This bowl was tough to make as tall bowls are. And the biggest problem proved to be keeping it attached to the lathe as it was spinning. I used a jam chuck to over come this (more about jam chucks in a later posting) but at one point I got my fingers jammed between the chuck and the tool rest and the tool-I could have broken my fingers! As it is they are pretty sore at the moment.

Here is a photo of the bowl in it's roughed out state:

I still need to smooth the interior of the bowl but the basic shaping is done. I'll be putting on a finish beginning Monday.

I think a calico bowl would make a great yarn bowl. What do you think?


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