Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Calico Bowl survives, hickory plate, and all those wood chips...

Well, the calico bowl survived and is going to be claimed by the gentleman who ordered it originally. It looks lovely and it has a polyurethane and oil finish on it. I hope the new owner enjoys it.

Unfortunately my kitchenware line isn't selling well so I'm converting some of my cutting boards into plates. I turned a hickory plate this morning. Hickory is a wonderful wood to work with as it's very dense and hard and it cuts cleanly and finishes with little sanding needed. Here is a photo of the latest plate:

This plate is getting a Danish oil finish and will be done in a day or two. When the oil is dried, I'll polish it with a little beeswax. Lovely way to finish wood.

I've done a lot of turning over the past several days and I created a mountain of shavings--two full trash can bags full along with assorted scrap lumber. If anyone in the Twin Cities area would like to have the shavings and saw dust for FREE, let me know and I'll arrange to get it to you.

I'm going to take tomorrow off and work on business stuff. I'll be back soon.


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