Thursday, May 18, 2017

Recent Project Completion Photos

Hi Everyone,

I've completed several projects today and I've promised completion photos so here they are:

These are the blue stain bowls from a couple of days ago. The blue stain held  up during turning and it's easily seen in these photos.

Here are several spoons out of red birch. These were a delight to make as birch is great carving wood. These were finished with flax seed oil.

Here's a shelf I made for a small alcove in our entry way for an antique clock. We put that high up so the cats can't get to it.

This is the big rack from several weeks ago with stuff on it. This came out really well.

Rhubarb checking out the work box situation.

And several small nick knack shelves I made. I'm sorry to say we don't have many nick knacks and I had to scramble to find some things for the photo.

And that's it. I have a fruit platter that I'm currently working on and I'm going to make a lid for a glass jar. I'll have to figure out the band saw issue before I can do anything else. Oh well I have housework to do as the house is full of wood chips.

I'm going to take the saw completely apart to try and figure out what's going on.

Stay tuned,

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