Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Hand Carving Wood on a Lathe-finish photos

Hello everyone,

Here is a photo of the finished jizo statue:

The idea of using a lathe to shape a carving blank and to hold it in place for carving is a pretty good one. While I'm not going to win any awards with this, the idea is certainly a sound one. I wouldn't use the lathe to hold work that requires a lot of pounding as this could damage the lathe bearings, for something small like this it's worth doing.

This is what the statue looked like with the bottom still attached. I removed the top section in order to do some finish sanding and carving on top of the head-keeping the bottom attached allowed me to place it in a vice so I could use both hands:

Here it is about to be sawed off:

And there is the statue:

So I'm going to count this one as a success.

What's next:
I have a number of logs to saw and turn into turning blanks. And I'm also going to be carving a spoon from a tree branch that was a part of a tree belonging to an old friend of mine. I'll post about the spoon and as soon as I am able to cut up a couple of logs, I'll do some turning online.

Stay tuned,

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