Saturday, May 13, 2017

Carving a Spoon for Margaret & Dennis-On the Road Again!!

Hi Everyone,
Well after several days with a band saw that was out of commission, I've made a temporary fix (more about that in a separate posting) and moved on with the spoons. Here are some photos:

After we got the band saw running, I cut several pieces of scrap wood to see if it worked. It did so I took a deep breath and cut out the spoons. The almost finished one is the kitchen spoon. The one that looks like a weapon is a heavy duty spoon. I've left the bowl end of the blank in place so I can easy put it in my vice for carving:

After that I went to down and I finished the kitchen spoon. I cut most of it to shape with my trusty wood chisel and then finished the surface with a fine wood file and some 150 grit sandpaper. The I rubbed it down with some steel wool to smooth the surface and oiled it with some flax seed oil:

Here is a photo of the heavy spoon and I'll probably go down and work on the handle a little later on:

The band saw seems to be operating very well at the moment so I'm going to cut out several more spoon blanks and about half a dozen serving bowl blanks for turning and I'll post photos and a discussion about that.

Well tomorrow is Mother's Day and I'd like to wish everyone out there, especially the moms who love working in wood, a very special day tomorrow.

Stay tuned,

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