Monday, May 4, 2015

The therapeutic value of wood turning

Hi Everyone,

I have a friend who's mother has severe Alzheimer's Disease and is having a really rough time with her memory failing. This kind of problem as we all know affects so many facets of a person's life and it's hard on the individual and their family as well.

So, what to do? I began wondering if a small, turned wooden object might help calm my friend's mother and help her focus little bit. So down to the wood shop, and in digging around I found some lumber that I purchased several weeks ago:

...and I also came across a small block of monkey pod that I've had for several years. So I turned the block and the small scrap (which is Australian cypress) in the above photograph into a small turned box:

It's small enough to fit into a person's hands, and it has soft, smooth finish. I used wipe on polyurethane and I sanded it up to 400 grit paper.

I really hope my friend and her mother finds it useful.

If your a wood turner, turning something small like this might just help someone over a rough spot in life. Think about it.


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