Sunday, May 31, 2015

The New Cat Perch build from scratch-finish photos

Hi Everyone,

Well, I've finished the cat tree and here it is:

If you will recall, I used the plans from Cat Tree Plans and this is the cat house with V-perch which you can see by clicking here.

The build went very well. I modified the roof a little and reduced the pitch so it would be easier for cats to jump up on and stay on. But other than that the basic construction is the same.

As you can see with the exception of the v-shelf and a portion of the roof, I didn't carpet the perch like most people do.

Cat perches at my house get used a lot and they eventually, no matter how often I vacuum, they get covered in cat fur. This perch was finished with an exterior wood stain to make cleaning easier and before I took the photograph, I just brushed it with a small whisk broom to clean it.

And of course it has a roped cat scratcher so they can exercise their claws:

I've placed some screws between the layers of rope to help keep it from sagging. My cats use their scratcher a lot and the rope has sagged and it looks really crummy right now (I'm going to fix that shortly). I'm hoping this will prevent that.

Here are a couple more photographs:

My cats have really enjoyed the hole in the roof. They love to hop in and out.

And that's it. This perch is an early wedding present and is destined for a young couple who are getting married and have two wild and crazy kitties of their own. I hope everyone enjoys this.

Ok, I'm going to re-do an existing cat perch along these lines and I'll show you this later this week. I have a serving tray to finish and then a chair and then a bowl and then another cat perch so we have a busy summer a head.

So grab some coffee and drop by the wood shop!

See you soon,

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