Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Cat Perch and a new Kitty Condo

Hi Everyone,

I've been working on the cat perch and the parts are all cut out and ready to be assembled. The folks I'm making it for have asked me to delay assembling it until the move into their new place in the middle of June so I'm going to defer writing about it until then. But I will have final photos for you to see.

My cats, like other cats love to play with cardboard boxes and the other day I got a photo of Biscuit sitting in one:

He looks a little forlorn doesn't he? So I decided to take some of the scrap lumber in the shop and make him a condo and here are several photos:

I added some air holes on the sides:

And it has a removable roof so I can keep it clean and remove the towel inside to wash it:

And here it is next to the cardboard box. Much nicer I would say:

I know what your thinking: is Biscuit using his new digs? No. He was sitting in the cardboard box this morning. I think he'll come around in a day or two and begin using it.

Stay tuned,

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