Thursday, October 9, 2014

Dining Room Table re-do:Pt.5-Finish photos

Hi Everyone,

Well, the table is finished and I'm using it to type this posting on. I'm quite please with the way it worked out. The table is strong and very stable-it doesn't rock. And I think this new base gives it a more contemporary look. The total price for the lumber was $42.00 so it was an economical re-do as well.

Here are the photos:

And of course it's been cat approved:

This one is done.

I'm not sure what my next project will be so I'll have to cogitate a bit on that. I could use some shelving in the shop and I need to split a walnut log and a couple of box elder trunk sections and I may just do that to get myself ready for winter turning. I also need to sharpen everything and replace my bandsaw blade, which is barely cutting anything (although I did cut open an acorn squash last night). So stay tuned. There's always another adventure ahead.

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