Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Dining Room Table re-do:Pt.4: Finishing up the Base

Hi Everyone,

Well, I've had a rotten head cold the past several days and so I'm just getting to the dinning room table build. Jim and Critter gave me a hand with it as I'm dripping snot everywhere and I'm running a fever. Talk about giving one's all.

Here are the photos:

This is the table base. I re-used the original frame from the old table base, and screwed on the table leg assemblies in their place. The frame needs a 2x4 placed between the 2x4s between the legs. I'm adding this for stability. And of course the cats have to add their two cents worth:

And here is the 2x4 in place. The table base construction is now finished. All the remains is to screw the whole thing down to the underside of the table top:

Here's Jim giving me a hand screwing the frame down. We even re-used the original screws:

We turned the whole thing over and set it on the floor and it rocked just a little bit so we turned upside down again and loosened the frame, added 2 shims and then screwed the frame down tightly. No rocking this time:

 And then we signed and dated the shim. A zillion years from now when the next owners decide to re-do this table, the names and date of Jim and I will be there:

Ok, I'm going to varnish the table base. I'll post the finish photographs later this week.

Stay tuned,

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