Saturday, June 21, 2014

Hello Everyone-First Day of Summer, Good Day for Turning, The Pecan Bowl, and Happy Birthday to Me

Hi Everyone,

Well, it's an absolutely lovely day to day and of course we all know what happens on lovely days-WOOD TURNING! And as it is your's truly's birthday, I decided to treat myself to a mornings worth of turning.

Here's what I did:

The Pecan Bowl
The first thing I did was to fish the pecan bowl out of it's drying bag and take a look at it. It was still pretty heavy and it felt damp so it's drying out. I decided to true up the sides and bottom and then flip it over and hollow out some. It's a really pretty bowl as it's a peach color at present:

Here it is partially hollowed out. I'm not going to turn it all the way and finish it. I'd rather let it dry out slowly to hopefully minimize the inevitable distortion that occurs in solid wood bowls. And if you look carefully at the photo you'll see that it's going to be a two toned bowl too:

The one thing I am worried about is a crack that is visible on the rim of the bowl. This may close on it's own or it may have to be turned off-we'll see as the bowl is shaped later this summer:

My second project today was to begin a medium sized bowl out of monkeypod. I began turning this but unfortunately a big crack became visible as I was turning and you can clearly see that in the photo:

I'm not sure what I'm going to do. I may mark off the bowl on the lathe and then re-cut it on the band saw to see if I can cut away the cracked area. This is kiln dried lumber so there's no chance the crack could close as the bowl dries out. And it's dangerous to turn wood that is cracked like this so I've taken it off the lathe and will cogitate on this over the weekend.

My last project will begin this evening will be a small fruit bowl out of laminated wood. I'll take some photos so stay tuned.


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