Monday, July 7, 2014

Working with Plywood

Hi Everyone,
I hope you're all having a good summer. I've been working on laminated fruit platters of late and I recently purchased a small piece of baltic birch plywood. This type of plywood is of a much higher grade than the stuff you usually see at home improvement stores and is used here in the US to make cabinets.
Plywood has been used by many turners to great effect but I have never used it for fear of it chipping during turning. I finally got up some courage and included two sections of it in my latest platter.

Here are the photos:

In these three photos you can clearly see the laminated edges of the plywood. It turned very cleanly and without any tearing or chipping. I placed it between the lyptus and white oak parts of the bowl to support it some and also to help highlight it:

In this last photo you can see the edge of the platter. The plywood turned cleanly and sanded evenly here as well:

Now, I wouldn't place the plywood on the outermost edge of the bowl. That might be asking for trouble but I think if it's supported well by moderately hard woods, it will work out well.

I've given this a preliminary coat of salad bowl varnish and it will be finished in a day or two.

My next bowl will be a laminated white oak bowl.

Stay tuned,

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