Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Pecan Bowl-continued

Hi Everyone,

Well, I'm at a bit of loose ends today and I remembered the pecan bowl, patiently waiting in the dry bag and needing to be turned some more. So I went down to the shop and put it back on the lathe and turned the outside and began hollowing out the inside. Here are some photos:

Here is the inside of the bowl. I've just dished out the inside and also turned a recess for the bowl chuck in case I have to re-mount it on the lathe:

And here is the underside of the bowl. I've turned a foot, re-shaped the sides, left wood for a band along the rim, and cut a recess for the chuck. The color is beautiful:

If you look closely at the first photograph, you'll see a small crack long the rim at about 5 o' clock. Because of this I've coated the whole bowl with Pentacryl and I'm going to let it soak in a plastic bag until this weekend. Then I'll place it back in the dry bag for several weeks. At that point I'm going to finish turning it.

See you back for this project in a couple of weeks.


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