Thursday, May 29, 2014

Yet another scrap wood project-coffee cup lids

Hi Again,
Well, my knees are about to give way but I've decided to make one last scrap wood project-coffee cup lids.

These are really simple to make. They require a small piece of scrap lumber, any kind of lumber, that is wide enough to cover your favorite coffee cup. I just cut it out on the bandsaw, drill out the center for the Nova chuck jaws and turn a small tenon on the top of the lid wide enough for the jaws of the chuck to grab onto. Then I flip it over and turn a tenon wide enough to fit inside of the cup-you can also turn a mortise wide enough to fit around the outside of the cup if you prefer. Once that's done, I turn it over again, shape the top of the lid, sand it and finish with salad bowl varnish. That's it-you're done.

These make cool stocking stuffers for the holidays which as we all know will be here shortly. Here's today's photos:

This is the underside of the lid-note the details above:

Here's the finished lid and fav coffee mug:

Well, that's absolutely it for today. I'm going to go and give myself a rest and some lunch. See you soon.

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