Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Scrap Wood Project-Fruit Platters

Hi Everyone,

Here is another scrap wood project for you to consider: laminated fruit bowls. This is another cool way to use up some of that scrap lumber mounting up in your works shop. Here's the photos and some discussion:

This whole thing began with a lot of scrap lumber I had in the shop-white oak, thin mahogany and black walnut blanks, and hickory. I cut them 2 1/4" wide by 13" long and glued up the block that you see here yesterday:

Here is the block with the clamps off:

After this I cut out a turning blank on the bandsaw and mounted it on the lathe and began by truing up the face and the side of the blank. This is always my favorite part-you can see all the dried glue peel away and rough wood becomes smooth and the different colors of wood begin to show:

Then I began to round up the side. The wood is easy to turn at this point:

Here is the blank several minutes later. You can really see the various kinds of wood that the blank is composed of here:

Here is the underside of the bowl. I've created a narrow foot and I'm turning a dovetail into the recess in the middle of the foot. The chuck jaws will fit into this shortly:

And then I flipped it over and trued up the top of the blank. You can really see the colors here:

And here is the blank at present. This is the top of the bowl:

And here is the underside:

I'm going to leave the blank for now and tomorrow I'll hollow it out:

I'll see you all tomorrow.

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