Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Amazing Henri Le Chat Noir-Video 9: The Blight of Spring

Hi Everyone,

I'm taking a break today and getting ready for the annual Mother's Day Turn-O-Rama and it just so happens that my favorite cat, Henri Le Chat Noir, has released his latest video. More about that in a second.

My friends who know me personally know that I love cats and my favorite on-line feline is without a doubt Henri Le Chat Noir. Created by Seattle film maker Will Braden, Henri's videos feature him ruminating about all the little indignities of life, his never ending battle with ennui, his less-than perfect feline companions, and never ever having enough Party Mix to snack on.

I've enjoyed all his videos and this is the 9th video which is pretty funny and here it is:

I completely sympathize with Henri. It's like having a wood lathe but not enough wood to turn...sigh...

See you later this weekend,

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