Monday, April 14, 2014

The Artful Turn: The Catalpa bowl, continued

Hello Again,

Well I finished lunch and went back to the shop and continued to work on the catalpa bowl. After a near catastrophe, I've managed to produce something that doesn't look like my usual bowl. Here are this afternoon's photos:

I took the bowl back down and I narrowed the bottom band by about 1/16" and I think it looks better overall. The band doesn't flare out so much either. While I was turning I decided to give each surface of the bowl a different shape so no matter what direction the bowl is looked at, the person looking at it will see a unique surface:

I gave the bowl a good preliminary sanding to 320 grit and then flipped it over and began to turn the inside of the bowl:

In this photo you can see that I've hollowed out the bowl to a depth of about 1 1/2" and I've also marked off the walls of the bowl. I decided to turn two walls-the interior wall will be a little shorter than the exterior and the rims will be rounded and will turn towards each other:

Here you can see the walls beginning to take shape. I'm cutting the interior wall first:

Disaster! I got the two walls cut and the rims shaped and I needed to make the groove between them a little deeper so I picked up my skew to cut the groove with and WHAM! I got a catch. You can see the deep cut in the photo:

I took a very narrow bowl gouge and proceeded to remove some of the catch and then I remembered my bedan tool and I not only got rid of most of the catch but I was able to deepen the groove and round off the rims a little more as well. Saved by the bedan!

Here is the bowl after about 30 minutes of turning total:

So I took it off the lathe and came inside to photograph it. Here you can clearly see the double walls:

Here is a side shot of the bowl:

And here is a closeup view of the rim:

Now I'm going to stop work on the bowl and let the whole thing simmer in the back of my mind. I still need to finish hollowing it out and I need to thing about possible ways to accomplish that.

Stay tuned.

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