Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to wish all of you out there a very wonderful and happy New Year.  As the workshop is closed right now due to extreme cold (even the wood is frozen!) weather, check back later in January and join me in the wood shop and we'll take on more projects and ideas together.

See you soon and Best Always,


  1. Happy new year to you too! And lots of fun with all the coming projects! :) It's a terrible weather here in Finland. I don't even remember a new year like this! Yesterday some of my friends were even playing golf at the local course. We already had a LOT of snow but it all melted away.. :/ I wish it would get colder, it's so dark out there without snow and it doesn't feel like winter at all!


  2. Hello Saaara,
    Happy New Years to you my friend! I wish we had your weather as we've had many, many days of sub zero weather and tons of snow. We probably look more like Finland than Minnesota right now!
    Take care and stay in touch,