Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Chateau les Chats-fin

Hi Everyone,

Well we finally finished the cat castle. What a project this was. I didn't think it would be very strong or hold up well initially but you know what-this thing is built like a castle! Its very heavy and very stable so large maniac cats jumping on it can't knock it over. Here are some photos:

This is the completed framework. As you can see it's made out of construction-grade lumber. It's over 4 feet high and the base is 2 ft square:

Here it is completed. I couldn't find any small, reasonably priced carpet remanents anywhere so we didn't use plush carpeting. Instead I found a small piece of office-type carpeting and by not covering all the posts we made it work with small scraps to spare. The posts that didn't get completely covered became cat scratching posts by winding 3/8" sisal rope around them. That part really hurt my hands. But with my youngest son and husband helping we got it all done:

This is a heavy piece of furniture that should last a very long time and looks good in the living room. I hope those two little maniacs enjoy it.

More later,


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