Sunday, December 30, 2012

Cat Castle-plans and discussion

Hi Everyone,

I hope you all had a safe and happy holiday. Our holiday was enlivened by the arrival of two very cute orange tabby kittens that we adopted on Saturday and here is a photo of our new princes:

These guys have rough history between them: they and their mom and litter mates were abandoned on a farm in Farmington, Minnesota shortly after birth and these two guys had very, very bad eye infections. They recovered from the infections and a veterinary ophthalmologist examined them and certified that they are both healthy and their eyes are normal except for a small amount of vision loss. The infections also left their eyes a little cloudy and while their mom and litter mates were adopted out, no one wanted these guys because of the cloudiness. So they've been in a foster home for several months.

We had been wanting to adopt a cat or cats as we missed our old cat who passed away several years ago and we especially wanted a cat that was either older or had special needs and who would have difficulty being placed. We saw these guys on line, discussed it for several days and contacted the shelter and officially adopted them on Saturday. So our tribe has increased by two.

Cat Castle-Plans and Discussion

As these guys are going to be inside cats, they need something to play on so they can get daily exercise so I decided to build them a cat castle. We have a small deck with several bird feeders and a large window to watch the birds from so we thought a tall cat castle that is high enough for the cats to perch on would be just the thing that they need. So here we go:

I am going to use some plans from Cat Tree Plans. com and you can see the castle I'm planning on making here at: As the plans are copyrighted I can't share the details with you but you can see some of the steps involved. Here are two photographs of the parts that I've cut out:

The plywood panels will be the shelves where they get to sit and the 2x4's will be the supports. I started screwing the supports together when the battery in my drill fizzled out so I had to stop but I will have more photos tomorrow for you to see. And we have to find a 9'x7' carpet remanent some where to cover it with.

So more tomorrow.


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