Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Finishing up some projects

Hi Everyone,

Well, it's cold in Minnesota but we've had basically no snow since the beginning of November. It looks like we're going to have a brown Christmas this year. I love the snow and the cold and the change of seasons, but ice is something I can live without so I'm not terribly upset about this.

Here are a couple of updates for you all:

First of all the Blue House bowl was one by a colleague of a friend of mine. I'm not sure of her name and I don't have a photo as of yet but I'm assured we'll have one later this week so stay tuned.

Red Maple bowl

I absolutely love red maple wood. It is got a nice closed grain, lovely figure, it holds small detail well, the colors is pretty, and it finishes beautifully. I had a chance to purchase two red maple bowl blanks in October and I'm currently making them into bowls for a couple of friends of mine. I began turning this large bowl this morning and I've finished the underside of it:

I've rubbed oil into the surface and it looks great. I've brought it in to help the finish set as it's too cold outside right now for that. I'll send photos of the inside of the bowl later this weekend.

I've also finished the basswood fruit platter:

It's a lovely ivory color and the surface is wonderfully smooth. This goes to it's new owner this weekend.

I also have another bowl but my camera batteries have died so I couldn't get a photo. I'll get more batteries and send one along later this week.

Just a reminder: I will be closing for my annual shop cleanup and time off beginning right after Christmas and ending at the end of January. If you have a question about any of the postings send me an email.

I'm going to go and make some bread and have some hot cocoa. See you this weekend.


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