Saturday, August 25, 2012

Spoon making

Hi Everyone,

As I mentioned earlier I've recently injured one of my knees and I've had to stay off of it so I haven't done any turning lately. So I decided to do a little spoon carving instead.

Here's a photo:

A spoon was the very first thing I ever made many, many years ago and I've been thinking of taking it up again. The top two spoons in the photo are made out of basswood (similar to lime wood or linden wood for those of you in the UK or overseas) and the bottom one was made out of birch. The spoon in the middle is a large kitchen spoon and it has a nicely curved handle and bowl. It's long enough not to slip into a pan or pot while cooking. The bottom spoon was made out of birch and while it's a little shorter in length, I think I prefer this wood for spoons. It's hard and closed grained and it sands smoothly. I'm going to need to final sand these and then give them a thin coat of salad bowl finish.

We'll re-visit spoon making in future postings as it seems to be a popular activity, especially in Britain.

As my knee is improving I'll probably begin doing some turning next week. I have some platters and cutting boards to make and we'll do those together.

More later,


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