Monday, August 20, 2012

Project Updates-Bowl-o-Rama

Hi Everyone,
Well, here are the rest of the bowls I finished this summer. I've been experimenting with the finish and I must say I'm really pleased with the results. I'll share what I'm doing in a later posting as I'm still experimenting.

Silk Oak-I've been working on this bowl since early spring. It has an unusual grain pattern to it-it rather looks like fish netting. It's a lovely red color and has a satin-smooth finish on it.

Red Elm-I've made several red elm bowls this year and it has turned out to be a good turning wood. It's not terribly hard on the tools or my hands, and it sands and finishes very well. This will make an excellent salad or serving bowl or fruit bowl.

Rosewood-this is the first rosewood bowl I've made and the turning of it went very well. The key to turning a wide bowl like this is to do it in stages-I turned it four times and let it dry out very slowly. There was no distortion at the end and it too sanded and finished well. This bowl has been donated for the Blue House raffle later this fall.

American Cherry-I've turned cherry before and as scratches can be difficult to remove, its not exactly my favorite turning wood. This started out as a solid block of unseasoned wood and true to form it took a lot of sanding. Eventually I got it smooth. This is destined to be a Christmas present for a much loved friend later this year and will come with a matching hand-carved spoon.

Hickory-this is the last of an order of hickory from late last year and the wood from that order was a joy to work on. Hickory turns well but being pretty hard, can be tough on tools. It does finish well and the shop smells wonderful as hickory is a sweet-scented wood. I've passed on shavings to friends for smoking meat.

I'm gearing up for my fall turning schedule-I'll be making some platters and more cutting boards. And I'm going to open a seasonal sales gallery for some of my work so if you would like to purchase something you'll have the chance to do so. Stay tuned for that announcement in the coming weeks.


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