Sunday, July 15, 2012

Project Update and it's hot...

Hi Everyone,

Well, it's really gotten hot again over the past several days and tomorrow it's supposed to be 100 degrees. And this is in Minnesota! Good heavens, could it possibly get any hotter?

Anyway, in spite of the heat, I decided to do a little wood working this morning and finish several bowls that have dried and are at the end of their dry-turning cycle.

I worked on three bowls today-one out of rainbow poplar, one out of camphor, and one out of red elm and they all came out great.  Here's some photos:

The first two photos show the bowls on the lathe with the Cole jaws. This enables me to sand and shape the underside of the bowls. The first one is the poplar bowl and the second one is the red elm bowl:

All of the bowls dried with a very minimum of distortion and all they needed at the end was some light sanding and then I oiled them. The first bowl below is the red elm bowl, then the camphor bowl, and lastly the rainbow poplar bowl:

By the time I finished these it was really hot outside so I called it a day and came in.

These bowls will need several more oilings and they should all be finished by the end of this week when I start work on the garage floor again.

See you soon - stay cool.


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