Thursday, July 12, 2012

Garage floor repair-paint and sprinkles

Hi Everyone,

I got the garage floor painted last evening. Here are some photos and discussion:

Well, here are two photos, the top comprising about 60% of the floor and the bottom one shows the area that had the large, broken up edge. It doesn't look really terrific but then again the floor surface was badly damaged and had a lot of surface pitting. But it doesn't look terribly bad either and once the entire floor is completed (I'm doing this 1/2 of the floor at a time), it shouldn't look too bad.

My main intention was to patch the floor and prevent it from deteriorating further. In a couple of years I'd like to get it replaced entirely so we'll see over time if this repair job holds up.

In 7 days it will be dry enough for a car to drive over it. At that time I'll shift all of the stuff that is sitting on the concrete side over to the painted side and complete the repair work. So more work next week.

I'll post photos of the entire floor in a couple of weeks when I've finished it all.


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