Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Garage floor repair

Hi Everyone,

Well true to my word, I haven't been idle since I've close the shop. I have a garage floor that has needed repair work for the past several years but as I have been very busy, I haven't been able to get to it. And as I live in a very cold climate for part of the year, this repair work has to be done during warm weather--and it certainly has been warm here! Our project for July is to repair, paint, and seal the concrete floor.

So here we go- first of all the floor had to be cleared off of all the stuff that was sitting on and then I washed it down with water and a hose to get all of the loose dirt and crud that was sitting on the surface. Next, I had to de-grease the surface in order to rid it of oil and oil stained areas and then it had to dry out. Yesterday I etched the surface of the concrete in order to rough it up and to clean away any remaining soap or degreaser stuff.

Here is a close up shot of the floor and some concrete patch material. It comes as a grey powder:

Here I am adding a small amount of water and mixing it with a large soup spoon. This should be the consistency of a very thick malt:

Next I ladled out large blobs of patch mixture over the holes. Be generous at this point and don't be stingy with the concrete:

Then I took a trowel and smoothed the whole thing into one, big patch. I feathered out the edges onto the surface of the floor:

Here are several areas all connected together in a big amoeba shape:

I spent the rest of the afternoon, creating cement amoebas on my floor and I've covered probably 50% of the floor with patch material. Here is a finish photo of a portion of the floor thus far:

I apologize for the crummy photo.

I am going to keep the surface of the patches moist by misting it with water-the holes in the floor were deep and it's going to take a day or so for this to completely dry out.

Friday afternoon I'm planning on painting the floor the same grey color as the concrete and I also am going to sprinkle little plastic sprinkles all over the top. So drop by Friday and we'll see how this goes.

I'm sooo tired....


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