Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Scrap Wood project, continued-applying the finish

Hi Everyone,

I went down to the shop today and started applying the polyurethane to the backing of the coffee shelf unit and the shelves and this is the color it is going to wind up being:

This color is composed of Minwax wood stain  Early American and Minwax Polyshades color pecan. Mixing the two adds a red undertone to the finish that I rather like. I used the pecan color on top of Minwax wood stain color honey for a coat hanger that I built about a month a go, and that came out really really nice.

There is a guide to mixing colors on the Minwax website and you can click here to see it.

In a day or two, after I've finished applying the polyurethan, I'll screw the shelves in place, screw on some metal hooks along the bottom of the unit and the project will be completed. I'll post completion photos then.

Stay tuned,

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