Thursday, October 27, 2016

Scrap Wood Project, continued

Hi Everyone,
I'm back-I apologize for the delay in working on this project but I've been a bit under the weather. I'm much better now so it's back to work.

When last we met I was working on a coffee shelving project out of some of the scrap wood in my shop. I worked on it more this morning and here are some photos of where I am right now with it:

To recap: I made the back of this unit out of some ship lap pine left over from a previous project. I love this stuff. The tongue and grove edges make laminating this together a snap:

The bottom shelf

The unit is going to have a top and bottom shelf to hold coffee bags, hot chocolate containers, a coffee grinder, etc. The bottom shelf will be attached 4 inches away from the bottom edge. This will give me enough room to attach some hooks for coffee mugs:

To assemble the shelf-first I screwed a 2x4 block to each of the ends of the shelf with the cut face facing outward:

This is what it looks like assembled:

 Next I attached a 3/4" x 1 1/2" strip to the edge of the shelf with some glue and a screw on each end:

The top shelf
The top shelf will be attached 5 inches below the top of the unit:

And I assembled the top shelf in the same manner as the bottom shelf with a small rail attached to the 2x4 blocks:

Here you can see I attached the rail with a spot of glue and a finishing nail instead of a screw:

 And this is what it looks like assembled:

Here I've just placed the top shelf on top of the ship lap backing. It doesn't look like much now but it will look different when I've finished it:

I've brought all the glued up parts inside as it's getting cold outside and I want the glue to dry out completely. When that's done I'll attach the shelves to the backing and then seal and stain the wood.

Stay tuned

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