Thursday, September 3, 2015

Freezer Jam

Hi Everyone,

Yes, you read it right: freezer jam! I enjoy cooking and I love to make pickles, jam, etc, in the summer time and one of the best recipes for jam that I've come across is a very simple recipe on the cooking blog Recipe Girl. There is a recipe for peach freezer jam that I've made lots of time and since I had a large bowl of blue berries in the fridge I took part of the day off from turning to make some.

Here's a photo of part of the batch I made:

This is a low sugar jam that requires only 1 cup of sugar. I also used Ball Low Sugar-No Sugar pectin and got a really good set on the jam.

So that's what I did yesterday afternoon! Ok, back to the wood shop and the bischofia bowl.

See you later,

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