Saturday, March 22, 2014

Project Completions: The Music Box and the Keepsake Box. And a SWW first-a video of the music box!!!

Hi Everyone,

Well, everything is finished and here are the finish photographs and comments:

The Music Box

I finished the music box finish yesterday. It wound up needing 5 coats of polyurethane to give it a good, solid finish. I buffed it and waxed it and it was done. It has a beautiful satin finish to it:

The last thing I needed to do then was to install the mechanism. This is a photo of the top of the box. You can see the shelf that the mechanism sits on with the hole for the key:

This is the position of the music box mechanism. I've placed it this way so the key will be in the center of the box:

I marked four tiny holes for drilling:

And I drilled the holes with a drill press:

My husband lent me his micro screwdriver set to screw the tiny screws in with:

And viola! It's firmly in place:

And here is a video clip of the music box playing it's tune, Teddy Bear Picnic!!!

The Keepsake Box

The keepsake box came out beautifully as well. There really is nothing like turning fine grained hard woods. They turn cleanly and finish perfectly. Here are the photos for this:

In contrast to the basswood box above, this took only one coat of polyurethane with a complete curing of the finish for several days and then I buffed this too: 

It's been absolutely a banner day today. Very happy with the results.

My next project is using up some of the big pile of scrap wood I seem to have accumulated over the past several months. I'll cogitate on that over the weekend and get back to you early next week.



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