Thursday, February 13, 2014

Music Box, continued

Hi Everyone,

Well, the wood shop is bloody cold today but I had a break in my day and so I decided to go down and work on the music a little more. Here are today's photos:

Here is the turning blank. I've decided to shorten the box portion to 4 inches and I've cut a groove in the bottom to mark this off:

This is the first chance I've had to use the new jaws for the Nova chuck. The tenons on the ends of the blocks will fit into the jaws. This will hold the blocks securely while I'm turning:

I took the turning block over to the bandsaw and cut the block into two pieces, the box portion and the lid:

Next, I'm going to turn a tenon onto the box. I've marked off a 1/4 tenon and I'm going to use the bedan tool to cut it:

Hmm, this looks too small for a tenon. Not enough wood for the lid to sit on. I'm going to enlarge it to 1/2" inch instead:

Here it is a few minutes later:

 I've swiveled the tool rest over and I'm beginning to hollow out the box portion. I'd like to hollow it out to about 2 or 2 1/2". I was turning and as I was turning, my hands just began to freeze over and I couldn't hollow much more than about 1 1/4"--I just can't hold onto the handle of the turning chisel. So I'm going to stop and go in and let my hands defrost. I'll continue on later next week when it warms up some.
Stay tuned,


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