Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Spoons and Voting

Hi Everyone,

Well, my knee is much improved and I'm back standing and walking around and back working again. I've been making spoons for friends for holiday presents and enjoying the carving that goes with it.  Here is a set of tasting spoons that I just finished for a friend:

And it's election day here in the US and I want you all to know that I voted this morning AND I helped out a young friend who had recently moved and needed to register to vote this morning. It took some doing but she got registered and was able to cast her vote this morning-way to go Elery!

And for those of your who are in the US, you need to get to the polls!  As this is predicted to be a very tight election, I guess we won't find out until tomorrow or at least very late tonight what the outcome is.  So stand up and be counted--VOTE!!!!

More later,


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