Monday, November 12, 2012

EEK! MICE! and other activities

Hi Everyone,

We have been invaded by mice! My husband and son saw them scampering about early this morning inside of our home. They got into some bread and some chips and the little bastards also helped themselves to a plate of brownies. That last one got me steamed so I've got rodent repellent stuff all over the place and I've set some traps for them. We'll see whose boss around here.

I've been wanting to go beyond kitchen ware for some time now and I've begun experimenting with smaller pieces of wood. I've always loved river stones for their shape and colors and I'm beginning to do some small vessels with those kinds of smooth, flattened shapes. I'll post photos when I've got something to show.

And it's beginning to snow. We had snow last night and by this morning we had a light dusting of snow. It's going to be cold at night from now on and we're probably going to get more as the week goes by. Photos on that shortly.



  1. I found your blog from, when I was trying to find ideas for turning wood. I definately have to read your earlier posts.. :)

    We also had a small mice problem in our attic last week. Luckily the traps worked! :) ..poor mice. :/

  2. Hi Saaara,

    Those darn mice ate my brownies (a delicious, chocolate cake with chocolate icing-wonderful dessert here in the US) and that was the last straw. We got traps, put out mouse repellent, and we haven't seen one since. I guess we scared them off.