Thursday, February 16, 2017

Cats vs. Human continued-removing old paint

Hi again,

The cut surfaces of the trunk has some old white house paint on it and this needs to be removed:

So I got out some paint remover and applied it to the surface and let it sit:

And I took an old stiff cleaning brush and a rag and proceeded to remove the paint and the remover. As it's dark inside of my shop at the moment, it's difficult to tell just how much paint came off. So I'm going to let the surfaces dry off for now:

Here is the top surface that will eventually become the table top. I used an awl to dig out paint and remover from the cracks in the surface. Some of that paint did come off:

I'm going to stop now as it's getting colder outside and the remover won't work well. I'll continue on this weekend when the temperature outside is scheduled to go into the 50s.

Once the paint is off and the sides are cleaned up and smoothed it will be time to construct a base for this and I'll use some leftover plywood for that and I'll attach some small, swivel wheels underneath so the trunk can be easily moved. More on that next week.

Stay tuned,

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