Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Lawn Chair Build continued-sawing the wood and sneezing up a storm

Hi Everyone,

Well, I've begun working on the chair now in earnest and I made the templates and cut the wood parts to length. Here's today's report:

Here's a photo of the templates. All this required was printing out the pages that contain the appropriate drawings and gluing them to some scrap plywood. I think if I could do this again, I would just use some foam backed paper board for this instead of plywood. It would probably be easier to cut the templates out. I used spray adhesive here and the paper stuck to the plywood easily:

And I just cut the 2x6s and 2x4s down to size. The parts here in the photo are the portions for the back arches, legs, and the seat supports which require thick wood. The seat and back supports and the arm rests all require 3/4" thick wood which is produced by re-sawing the 2x4s. Decision: do I really want to go through all the sawing that this would require or should I just go and purchase several 1x4 cedar boards and use them instead? It would be a lot simpler to do that. I'll give that some thought over the next day or two:

The plans call for western red cedar or white pine. The photos supplied with the plans show the chair made out of cedar. Cedar is a lovely wood but I seem to be a little allergic to it and I sneeze up a storm whenever I use it, which is rarely. I'm inside right now and I'm sneezing and a big puddle of snot at the moment so I'm going to stop and continue on tomorrow.

Every wood worker eventually comes across a species of wood that they just can't work with and I guess cedar is mine. Too bad.

Tomorrow I'm going to use the templates to cut out the chair parts and I'll also make a decision about the seat and back boards.

Stay tuned,

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