Saturday, January 28, 2012

Wedding present, continued: discussion and plans

Good Evening All,

Well, we've been able to saw off the corners of that block of mineral-stained poplar so I'm going to go ahead and turn it into a salad bowl. Here's photo of the block:

Here is a photo of the cut surfaces of two of the corners:

You can see the streaks in the wood on the left. Actually this block has all sorts of colors, even pink and red. The wood itself is very damp and poplar is not the hardest of woods so it's going to be a challenge to cut it and not tear out the end grain or shred the wood fibers. 

I'm going to attach the large 6" faceplate with some long, heavy wood screws and turn it between centers for a while. The block is heavy and I'll have to lighten it up by removing as much wood as possible before mounting it on the faceplate alone. Otherwise, it can damage my lathe.

So we have our hands full this time. Will I be able to turn it into a salad bowl or will it turn into a bird feeder? Stay tuned!


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