Saturday, December 3, 2011

Next Project and end of year plans

Hi Everyone,
It has gotten cold here and we're supposed to get a pile of snow this afternoon--winter has arrived a few weeks early. As my shop isn't heated and I need to do some maintenance on my tools I'll be closing down at the end of my next project until February 2012. But I still have some work left to do and I'll be sharing photos of that next week.

The laminated platter that I made is done and I'm very happy with the way it turned out:

This will make a lovely gift in a couple of weeks and I will be making more of these next year.

As for next year's plans: I'm going to be concentrating on platters and bowls and tea boxes while at the same time scaling back my wood working a bit as I'm getting busier at work. But I will be posting pictures and describing my projects. And I also plan to do some inside out turnings in which I will take a wooden bowl and turn it inside out. Stay tuned for that one.

My last project for the year will be a tea box out of cherry and walnut, with a Brazilian cherry top and foot. I have a wonderful friend who loves red colored woods and this is as red as it gets. So grab some coffee and drop by the wood shop and we'll have one last adventure to close out this year.

See you soon,

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